2008-2011 Doctorate on topic "Impact of the New Information Technologies on the Architectural Spaces of the Libraries" for PhD in "Architecture, Facilities and Details", Faculty of Architecture, Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar"; tutor: Prof. K.Boyadjiev
2008-2009 completed 5 semesters of second higher education in Structural Engineering  in Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar"
2002 Training course "Accessibility for Handicapped People", St. Constantine and Elena resort, Varna
2001-2002 Research fellow of the Japan Foundation in Tokyo Institute of Technology , topic "Functional and Aesthetical Consideration in the Design of the Urban Environment", tutor: Prof. M.Senda
2001-2002 Japanese language course in Aoba Internatoinal Lounge,Yokohama, tutor: E.Nagashima
1998 Training course "Color in Architecture and Artistic Design," Varna, Bulgaria, lecturer: T.Kehlibarov, chairman of Group "Color"-Bulgaria
1994-1997 The New Cambridge English Course - II, III, IV levels, "Europe Schools," Varna
1991 Training course of energy efficiency withing the frame of United Nations Development Program UNDP-ECE RER/006/89, Budapest, Hungary, lecturers: Prof.O'Sullivan,Prof. A.Zold, Prof. G.Kuba, Prof.A.Krainer,Prof.W.Beckman,Assoc.Prof.J.M.Cabeza,Assoc.Prof. A.Majoros,Mr.A.Leaman,
1985 Urbanistic (town-planning) course for chief architects, VIAS, Sofia, Bulgaria
1976-1981 Master of Architecture - Architectural Faculty, Department of Public Buildings (Diploma project: "3-hall Cinema for 5000 People In Residential Complex "Lyulin", Sofia") University of Architecture, Construction and Geodezy (former  Higher Institute of Architecture and Construction), Sofia, Bulgaria, Diploma series A/YA/No.007112 / 03.08.1981, tutor: Prof. S.Popov
1980 Students's practice  as architect-decorator in two film productions ("Boris I" and "The strike")in State Film Center Boyana, Sofia, Bulgaria, tutor: M.Arch M.Ivanova
1980 Training course of theatral scenograthy and architecture in film productions, VIAS, Sofia, Bulgaria, lecturer: M.Arch.A.Ahryanov
1978 Training course in theater "Divadlo na zabradli" - Prague, Czechoslovakia
1978 Architectural expedition in The Rhodope Mountain Kovachevitza'78
1977 Architectural expedition in The Rhodope Mountain Dolen'77
1975-1976 completed 2  semesters of major "Hydrotechnical Construction", VIAS, Sofia, Bulgaria
1971-1975 Two archeological expeditions "Fortification of Asparuh" and "Slavian VIllage", Varna, Bulgaria, tutor:D.Dimitrov
1971-1975 High education: Computer Programming, 2nd High Scool of Mathematics "Dr. Petar Beron," Varna, Bulgaria, Golden award

since 2007 Chief architect and owner of Architectural Space Ltd.
2006-2007 Chief archiect and co-owner of Architectural Design Plans Ltd., (co-owner Andreas Kasioulis, Cyprus).
2005-2009 Lecturer in  Varna Free University, subjects: Introduction to Architectural Design; Family Residential Buildings and Groups; Multifamily Residential Buildings and Complexes; Hotels and Holiday Complexes; Architectural Constructions
since 2003 Chief architect and co-owner of Architectural Spies Ltd. , (co-owner Scott Skipworth, USA)
2002-2003 Chief architect of "Art Pro 2000," Varna
2000-2003 Lecturer in the  Technical University - Varna, subject "Interior and Exterior Artistic Design"
since 1990 Owner of architectural and artistic design studio  ADA-2-Nadya Stamatova, Varna, Bulgaria
1985-1989 Chief architect of the town of Radnevo, Bulgaria
1982-1984 Recearcher and designer in Institute for Research in Construction, Varna
1981 Architect in Municipal Architectural Cooperation, Lovech, Bulgaria

Bulgarian(native), English(advanced), Russian(advanced), Spanish(advanced), Japanese(basic)

MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, Ms Paint, AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, CorelDRAW, elementary Visual Basic, elementary HTML, PhotoSuite, Corel PHOTO PAINT and other photo-programs

Varna society of SAB - Union of Architects in Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria (branch of UIA - Union International of Architects)

Varna society of KAB (Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria ), Sofia, Bulgaria

UIFA (Union International of Women Architects), Paris, France

MENSA-Bulgaria (branch of MENSA-International Ltd.)

IQ Center, Varna, Bulgaria

COLOR Group - Bulgaria (branch of Association International of Color), Sofia, Bulgaria

Varna society of NTS - Scientific&Technical Union, Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgarian-Japanese Society "Kiwami Kyokai", Varna, Bulgaria

Society for Friendship between Bulgaria and Japan,Varna, Bulgaria

Monbusho Alumni Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria

Society for Friendship with the Nations from the Former USSR, Varna, Bulgaria

Trakian society "Captain Petko Voyvoda", Varna, Bulgaria

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