The building is situated between Varna and the Golden Sands resort near to the Euxinograd residence. The licence included a symmetrical country - house with 120 m2 space on the ground floor and limitations of the height. The specific fan - like form of the project was the result of the effort to fulfil the difficult requirement of the owners to organize six hotel rooms with bathrooms on the ground floor. Two completely symmetrical flats are built on the first floor each comprising of hiving - rooms, bed-room with a separate bathroom, kitchen and a closet. Four hotel rooms with bathrooms are located in the attic. A small tavern with a kitchen is in the basement floor. The approach to the tavern is from the corner between the two streets, crossing the widely open dug - in terraces which will be used for open - air service. The flat roof is covered with artificial grass. Folding chairs will be put here. The orientation of the building is to the south, with overview on the Varna bas. The chimney - stack is in the northern corner of the building. The approach for catering and fuel supply is from the northern part of the hotel.