The building is at the bottom of one of the main Orenburg boulevards facing widely the Europe - Asia high - way and is located very near the place it crosses the Ural river. A superstructure is projected for a underground store - house, which has been used for a bomb - shelter, and a small one - floor building. The underground store - house is a specific construction of brick cupolas, elliptical in their horizontal and vertical section., and brick arches characteristic for the local masonry. The building will be used for rather divergent functions. The former store - house will be transformed into a fast food restaurant; the existing small building will be used as a business - club; a flower shop will be situated on the ground floor; hotel rooms and administrative offices will be above the ground - floor. The architectural image of the building is consistent with the local traditions for brick face masonry. Part of the construction resembles the brick masonry of the existing building, another part is built of face bricks in a non - traditional manner, and the third is performed applying contemporary materials. The staircase structure is exactly on the axis of the boulevard and is observable from a long distance approaching by car. A conical shed is sheltering the entrance to the underground restaurant. The area in front of the building is elliptical, with the entrances to all compartments on its periphery including the approach to the internal space of the block replacing the former brick archway.