"...This is the only project from the presented ideas that solves the problem. And in the addition, the most artistic one..." Enzo Mari, Designer Comments on the projects presented at the conference at Pusiano

Geotectonics and architectonics are the key words symbolizing this project. Man has removed stratum after stratum from the geotectonic texture so now we need to pile up layer after layer to the architectonic structure. Similar is the structure of the Indian pyramids resembling giant bulbs. The project demonstrated by this model represents only one of the possible stages of the development of the complex. If it is built up now, after 500 years of permanent new strata supplementation everything will look like different. After all the ideal shape of the slope would be the one it had when untouched. If we analyze the project realistically the construction has to begin with the big hall which will house the objects exhibited at this meeting. Further on, if some of the artists create a larger exhibition and can afford it, he will dispose of a 6 m stripe parallel to the rock. In this stripe he will be able to construct freely his exhibition area. Thanks God the quarry is large enough and I hope it can shelter the artistic creations of many designers who are to be born in the future. The studia are situated in the left part of the complex.The right part houses everything connected with the audience - lecture and video rooms, restaurants, cafe, temporary exhibitions. I presume only one point obligatory for the artistic image - the application of natural materials. I have exposed specimens of minerals and rocks I found in the quarry and as you see,there is a great variety. The green stripes located on the separate strata have to be formed by the same verdure which is growing in the quarry now. There are some herbs - millfoil, St. Johns word and wild thyme. It made the local nature of Lombardia familiar to me. I could easily feel the spirit of this place. Man has to be sincere when designing. May be you will see in my project roads and mountains, waves and sun, stars and hands and who knows what else. In fact all this was drawn on the rocks and I just copied it from there.