The task of that competition was not only to project the reconstruction of the cinema. The competition teams had to offer new functions for all the facility. The cinema consist of a main hall for 800 people, and a little hall for 350 people. According to the task the little hall had to be reorganized as a more luxurious hall for 200 people. The main hall had to change its function. Our projecting team offered to reconstruct it as a 3-floor atrium space with glass elevator. We offered that all the facility would be open 24 hours a day. There would be a place for children's carting on the first floor. The same place would be used in the night as a disco. The amphitheater space between first and second floors would be a cafe in the day and a bar in the night. There would be a separated children's saloon with games. This saloon would be for nonsmokers in the night bar. The fast-food restaurant is on the second floor. It would have an open-air terrace over the existing shops. The supply of the kitchen is very well organized. The first and the second levels of the floor are transformed as shops. There would be on the 3-d floor billiard, computer games, multimedia cabins, Internet club, fitness and aerobics halls, doctor's cabinets, cosmetics and hairdresser saloons. The presented model is the atrium space in the main hall. The new stairs snapped to the existing facades would change the facades of the facility.