The existing cinema "Trakiya" had to be reconstructed by adding a floor over the roof. The interior spaces had to be changed too. Every competitor team could choose their own program regarding the new functions. The only compulsion was that a part of the old hall for 800 people had to be reconstructed as a hall for 200 people. The main problem of the project was how to construct over the roof. It was slopping and there were 1.5 m high concrete beams over it. The loads on the roof had been calculated to supports its only itself, the decorative ceiling and snow. Our solution offered a new steel construction, passing over the roof without touching it. In order to project the interior of the space over the roof, it was a great challenge because the slopping floor and the beams separated the space. The solution was to make a path on the highest level of the roof for entering into every separate space between every two beams. A suspended path is a glassed tunnel and used as a second fire prevention exit. The reconstruction of the building is projected with possibility to organize festivals and other events. There is a hall for 200 people, 2 video cafes, 5 little video halls, expositional areas, multimedia center, cafes, offices, workshops, little post office, book and stationer's shop, bank office. This project is given as an annual design program on interior design to the students from Technical University in Varna.