Safe. Save in here Your gold, Your money, Your business plans. And hope for a better future!"

The aim of this project was to create a completely new construction into an old building preserving only its face walls. It is located on a central street in Stara Zagora, actually at the center itself. The key word for the idea in this project is "safe".The most important virtue of a bank is it safety.Every customer should feel the sense of safety from the very exterior. Everything in this project is submitted to this main principle - the idea of a bank as a safe. The entrance is situated at the bottom of a "funnel" pulling in the pedestrians from the main street. The small lobby, which is controlled by the security distributes the customers in three flows - to the cash hall for clients, at the level of the terrain, or to the cash hall for firms on the next floor, or to the public safety vault in the basement.The overall height of the first two floors is divided equally - every one is with a constructive height of 4,20 m, and they reach to the existing windows on the third floor. The illuminated height in the walls will be reduced by the handing ceiling, which will enclose the air - conditioning. A small semi level is formed between the first and second floor, for the bath-room.The offices and conference room are on the third and fourth floor.The two shallow linear terraces are on these two floors along the whole face.The existing superior part of the face wall will be used as a parapet. According to the project, the entrance of the vault is different from the assignment - it is from another street with the aim to avoid legal problems concerning the neighboring area without buildings.