The intentional restraint of this project results from the tendency to preserve the integrity of the street silhouette. The bank can be approached from the town center (south) and from the bus stop (north). The project proposes a new approach from a small square in front of the bank to its northern side. The entrance appears suddenly for the people coming from the town center after passing by the column and is suggested by the gradual rounding of the differentiating stairs and by the column itself.So it has a communicative function - the inscription and the mark of the bank will engraved on the face of its both sides with bronze letters in Bulgarian and Latin. The cylinder shape of the new entrance was searched for as a counterpoint opposite to the characteristic cylinder part of the building adjoining the bank on its southern side.This building takes an active part in the image of the Gorna Oryachovica center.The spaces of the bank are separated functionally in two distinct areas: one accessible for customers, and the cash office. The operation hall for customer service is on the first floor. All inner walls are removed including the opposite joists which support the distributive walls. An united ellipsoid space is created - the clerks work places are located in its near part, and the cash-desks are in completely separated booths at the distant one.The place for filling - in bank forms is in the center of the hall.The interior is completely symmetrical with an interesting emphasis in the form of the ceiling - the longitudinal beams crossing the entire hall and columns which organize the central area. The second floor is for firm service and is arranged in a similar way to the first one.The personnel offices are located on the third floor. A small bar with panorama is organized next to the exiting conference hall.The garage for the armored car divides the building in its basement into the abovementioned accessible and non accessible areas.